Posted by: jimmydlg | October 9, 2008

In Addition…

In addition to being new to the blog scene, I’ve also created a Net Vibes account and a public portal for some information I plan to aggregate.

NetVibes allows you to create a public facing (as well as private) portal where you can aggregate information, add modules similar to iGoogle, and maintain links to friends’ NetVibes portals as well.

I still plan to link information from this page as well, for example, my good friend Tom Kidd‘s blog, but NetVibes seems like a handy way to organize information, and it was quick and easy to set up as well.



  1. Thanks for the review on Netvibes! Is it better than Facebook and Myspace?

    – Jashele @

  2. Well, NetVibes isn’t really the same as MySpace or FaceBook.

    It seems to be geared towards gathering and publishing lists of information for others to read or browse through when they’d like, but it doesn’t contain shared and linked interactive applications like FaceBook does.

    I’m not sure yet if it’s quite as customizeable as MySpace is (although I’m certainly not familiar with either enough to know their absolute limitations just yet.)

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