Posted by: jimmydlg | November 16, 2008


Of all the technologies I’ve been introduced to recently, this is one that I had been biased to and found to my amazement, I had good reason for my apprehension.

Twitter is sort of a micro-blog that asks what are you doing now? The problem I’m having with it is I don’t particularly care what others are doing at any given moment. I can see using a blog to obtain specific, targeted and topical information, but from what I’ve experienced with Twitter so far, that doesn’t seem to exist.

While it may not be the purpose of Twitter to receive targeted or topical information, one of the things I noticed about all the recent technologies I’ve been introduced to, like WordPress, or NetVibes is that they seemed to filter out some of the noise of the net and allowed me to access the information that matters most quickly. Of the handful of twitter accounts I looked at, it seemed the goal of Twitter was to introduce as much noise as possible.

For example, clowdiaa feels important that the world knows:

I love how its completely acceptable to smoke out of a bong in a dorm
I did it to myself i cant blame anyone else but me…my spring schedule is coming along tho 🙂
Watching lion king 1 1/2, dont care that i have a 6pg paper and a shit load of russian hw to do


I know the best way to explore Twitter might not be to browse random users, but I don’t know anyone else using Twitter. In fact many of my friends ridiculed me for creating an account (as I would have them, given the types of Twitter users I have been previously exposed to.)

I did know of one person using Twitter, Ian Dixon has a blog I follow, and I noticed recently he had a “follow me” link at the top of his blog rss feeds. So I decided to follow him and see what he said:

Flip video is nice, my kids loved playing with it but the software is horrible
New Blog Post: Opportunity to beta test Windows Media Center: Over on TheGreenButton Micros..
New Blog Post: My Movies for Windows Home Server 1.02 adds Extender compatible DVD ripping:..


I already have access to his blog, which I get updates on in my reader. But when viewing his twitter, I simply see notices he’s posted to his blog, along with details of his personal life.

Some users such as Darcy Norman even point out (even though he’s a twitter fanatic, or was at least) that when you’re forced to condense all your happenings into 140 words, you begin to lose connection with the deeper parts of relationships, since 140 words is so limiting and tends to be too few words to describe meaningful topics in any sort of depth.

In addition, while browsing for more information on Twitter itself, I frequently came across mention of a growing problem where bloggers are twittering more (with noise) and blogging less. I see blogs as extremely useful, and twitter as a toy, so I really hope this is not becoming a common practice.

I can understand that if i was interested in someone’s personal life I might enjoy a bit of twitter, but when is enough information too much information about someone? I really don’t think twitter is for me. Maybe there’s a very small niche use of it out there that may make sense, but so far it’s met my expectations and I don’t see myself continuing to use it.



  1. he.

  2. Well, its like the teacher said: “You either hate it or like”. I completely understand why he said that. It’s an acquired taste. Since I spend most of my time online, I get bored when I’m done doing everything I set out to do. Now that I’m on twitter and following random people, I have more stuff to do and can lead them to my blog and build my audience like that.

  3. So it is a tool just for send messages. I am the kind of person that just don’t chat about things that is not my business. I like blogging better, as like you said, is useful, time well spent.

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