Posted by: jimmydlg | November 30, 2008


While I don’t have a lot of experience consuming podcasts, I have tried on occasion to add them to my daily routine. I definitely think PodCasts are a valuable tool for gathering information, but I just haven’t been able to regularly listen to them.

PodCasts of course were a natural progression to the influx of new technologies and methods brought about with the wider adoption of the Web 2.0 paradigm. As people began posting more and more audio blogs, it was apparent that the need to integrate them into a more refined syndication technology was necessary. Adam Curry is generally credited with starting the process that eventually led to the standardization of the RSS feed for PodCasting.

Everyone these days seems to have a PodCast. This seems a little counterintuitive to what I’ve been learning about Web 2.0 technologies. From what I’ve seen so far, whether you’re using GarageBand on the Mac, or Audacity on Windows, PodCasting isn’t as simple as some of the other web-based tools I’ve seen for its relatives, such as blogging (like blogging on WordPress.) It’s not overly complicated, but it is definitely a bit more involved and does require more than the standard hardware as well (such as a good quality microphone.) Still, it seems to draw in quite a number of publishers, which is great for the community as a whole.

I guess it could be done quickly and with budget brand equipment, but the more popular PodCasts I’ve listened to myself all have a “studio” feel to them, even when I know they’re not studio produced.

I recently had to produce an 8 minute training video for a large company. I had to script my own content, and then use a fairly decent condenser microphone and Adobe SoundBooth CS4 to record myself and finally add it to screen captured video. I found this to be surprisingly difficult.

After getting over the initial shock of talking alone to my computer, I found that I kept stumbling over my words and having problems phrasing my ideas. It took me quite a bit of editing to remove bad takes and insert corrections. It seems like a lot of PodCasts I hear, especially when there is more than one person speaking sound very natural and unscripted, but I guess that ability just comes with practice. After struggling to produce 8 minutes of audio, the idea of producing 30 minutes or an hour each week, or more than once a week seems daunting to me.

I’ve also seen several references to the types of hardware needed to PodCast seriously, so in addition to the time it takes, some extra hardware besides a mic may be necessary too.

Still, I think personally I could benefit from being both a PodCasting subscribe, and maybe some day a publisher. While I’m certainly not immersed in PodCasting at the moment, since I’ve begun blogging, I’ve gained a new respect for it (as both a publisher and subscriber,) so I’m sure there are many unfound benefits laying in wait for me in the world of PodCasting.



  1. Me, myself, I wasn’t really interested in podcasting since I mostly value quite time ever since my daughter was born. Not until when my daughter benefit out of it. And definitely that any website will benefit for this podcast, either for advertiser purpose or just to attract other enjoy and benefits its site.

  2. I’ll admit I too was skeptical about Podcasting. I heard about it, knew about it, but I never really played around with it. Knowing what I know now I may rethink this and see what it can do to benefit me. There are tons of ways!
    And I must check out Audacity. Didn’t know they actually had a program similar to GarageBand for PCs.

  3. Like your experience, I use to make some audio-videos in university classes, but on those years I did not have the possibilities to post them on Internet. And is true, take several hours just to produce a minute. Of course people that regular Podcasting on live, is different. For a while I just be an suscriber.

  4. its an aquaried taste if ya like podcasting or not there are many ways to use it like for classes,tv shows, debates, learning etc there are free pod casting & there are paid so you deside what ya want to do with it

  5. See I’ve never done a podcast but I have heard a few. One the tutorials i found that made it seem like making a podcast was easy as pie. Also the scripting of a podcast seems pretty easy,but you say it required a few takes. It sounds as if you haven’t turned away from it totally so i’ll be looking to see how your publishing will come out.

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