Posted by: jimmydlg | January 18, 2009

Business Roommates

As my education progresses, I find myself tasked with creating a useful website. Almost immediately I knew what I wanted to do, which was as the title of this entry suggests, create a website that targets business professionals who may need to room with someone while they travel for their careers. I’ve actually had roommates before, and the most successful roommate situations I’ve been in have been with others who are business professionals.

There seems to be a definite lack of support for individuals seeking rooms in this very particular market segment. Most sites I’ve encountered either diminish the importance of matching like minded individuals, or inundate the user with so much information that searching for potential roommates or posting an ad to be found by others is prohibitive, time consuming and ultimately results in hardly any matches at all.

In addition, I’ve seen many lackluster sites (in both appearance and functionality) charging high prices for the chance to experience these deficits. I think the market as it stands could benefit from a site that’s both professional in its appearance and functionality, as well as its audience. The site I intend to develop will cater to those business professionals in order to help eliminate wasted time and poorly matched roommate candidates. It will also be of course developed as XHTML 1.1 and be fully XHTML compliant.

Some of the resource I plan to use in this development effort are listed below:



  1. Your truly right about finding a roommate. I’ve had my share of horrible roommates that aren’t on the same page as you. The websites i’ve checked out, to get a better feel for what you’ll be working on, they have an almost eharmony/ feel. I also see that they are geared towards college students and not business professionals like your site would be. I think this site will be very interesting and a relief to the other sites that are only geared towards a certain demographics that everyone would expect and you’ve chosen a demographics that probably needs the roommate help.

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